Invisible Moon

by Thela Foxgood

It is the time of the new moon. At this time the moon’s face is not visible.

It reminds me to turn my gaze inward as well and reflect on dreams and goals.

It’s a good time to meditate on our wishes, and envision what it is that we want or need. Sometimes our goals or desires are hazy, until we really take the time to envision them in full; specifically, with as much detail as possible.

Writing a list can bring greater clarity.

Charge a candle (a tea light is a favorite) with prayer or chant holding it in your hands, then lighting the candle, read your list aloud. Then, on a flat and safe surface, set the candle on top of your list to burn completely out.

Keep your list in a safe place to review again later. My list is for a class so I want to be able to check on my goal progress. It is great to be able to check things off that have been completed or answered!

Never leave a burning candle unattended


  1. Pilgrimage Studio

    I’m so glad you mentioned burning the list. I have often burned lists. But this one I am keeping, so I went back and added a bit to my post! I want to keep this as reminders of goals.

    I like to meditate with the moon as well! It helps me focus on different aspects of life. Introspection. I like this word you used!

    Happy introspection! 😊 πŸ™

    Liked by 1 person

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