There are many people who give their pets shots at home. I just never have (had) until yesterday. I don’t know about you, but the idea of holding a set of unhappy claws and fangs, while trying to give a shot wasn’t a pleasant one for me. Or for the cat.

After a work friend passed away, I was gifted his wonderful cat, Patsy. His family said she had Feline Leukemia. Yesterday, the vet informed us that she does not, in fact, have Feline Leukemia. I’m grateful for that. However, due to the stress of her special person passing away, combined with changing homes, she developed a bad cold. I initially thought she had allergies, but she never improved.

So, her doctor showed me how to give her a shot, and had me give it to her while I was there at his office. Not fun. Even with 4 pairs of hands.

The doctor sent us off with 7 more shots. One-a-day for the next week. I dreaded this event all day today, picturing how this health intervention was going to go down when I got home.


Pace, pace, and pace. Glance at the needle. Glance at Patsy. Pace some more. Nope. Not happening.

Finally, I had an idea. I called a dear friend who works nearby to see if he was still at work. He was able to swing by after work and took charge of the needle while I held Patsy.

Mission accomplished!

One day down and six more to go.

Thank you so much David!! 🤗

I wonder how many brave souls out there are able to do this easily? Maybe it just takes practice? Ugh.


  1. Liz

    Some years ago, I had to take charge of giving daily insulin injections to a cat because the owner could not manage with arthritis in her hands. But I managed to cope with it better than expected. I luckily could do her on my own surprisingly. But in the past and a different scenario, it was a different story.

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