Today’s Shot 31

by Beth Haley

Some pilgrimages are not through wooded glades of soft, filtered light with the sound of a gently-flowing fountain in the background. Some are rugged and stark landscapes that may, at first, appear barren. We face many different kinds of terrain in our journeys throughout life. Some are zen, while others seem desolate – yet they teach lessons that we couldn’t learn anywhere else on earth. 🦂 And, some give us a view we’d have never seen through the trees.


The scorpions scuttle and the eagle flies the big open sky today. A reminder that not all pilgrimages are beautiful in the same way. The beauty is in what we do with the view and the lessons. Are we truly seeing? Are we truly learning? What shape are we becoming as the pressures of life carve and chisel our forms and perceptions through their endless work over time…

Desert Roads