Today’s Shot 71

16 Minutes on the News #23: Coronavirus Updates shared on Andreessen Horowitz


In addition to COVID-19, it is flu and cold season. Keep your hands clean (work soap under your fingernails and work around your cuticles) and keep your hands away from your mouth, nose, eyes and ears (germ entry points). Sanitize what you can, and don’t worry about looking strange. Your health is more important than looking cool. This is my sister getting ready for the airport and airline travel with a mask, safety glasses, and hand wipes:

Taking care of your Immune System

Before traveling, she is also boosting her immune system with a product called, “The Desert Poppy Master Tonic“. I’ve never tried it, but it looks pretty potent. She said she wasn’t sure she could “stomach” it. If you find the taste too strong, find ways to dilute it – perhaps add it to juice… or you might consider a “chaser” (drink it fast and follow it with another drink or something that tastes good). If it is too strong for your stomach, try eating before taking this.


My sister adds: Following with 9.5 PH water immediately after taking this is very helpful!

I believe the word she used was, “guzzle“. 😊


    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      It does sound powerful! I’ve made tonics like that and I wasn’t warned … it came right back up. So, if your body isn’t used to it – it can be helpful to know how to take it slowly at first.

      I use the Sketch app 2 to put different filters over pictures. It can make them look like sketches or oil paintings ! 😊😊😊

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