Today’s Shot 146

Garden Paths

In Gratitude

School is ending soon. A year sounded like such a long time 12 months ago. Little did I know then, how long these months would be. But, here we are at the last week and one final test to go. I’m grateful for the force that helped keep me afloat and helped me keep going. It had to be divine because life didn’t deliver it on its own.

I’m beyond thankful that with school, COVID, work, blogging, a sick fur baby (who is much better now!), protests, a funeral, riots, traveling across country, and group meditations ( I hope I never see this combination again) – that I am able to say that home has been a quiet haven and retreat these last few months.

I’m grateful for the garden paths of solace I have found along the way, in which I could let the noise of life and mind just fade away – even if only for these few short moments given, and blissfully received, to capture them.

I’m grateful for friends that I can sit with or walk with in complete silence – where nature, quietness, and companionship have had the full opportunity to just soak into my soul, refilling what had become depleted and empty.

And I’m very grateful to everyone who has stopped by the blog to leave happy notes! Each of you is so appreciated!

To Wilson: who’s comical antics to escape mirrored my own at times 🤣 Oh how I related! Thank you for the smiles John!


Awen and blessed be!

Cee’s Flower of the Day – FOTD


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