Jeremiah’s Chorus Line

Jeremiah’s Chorus Line


A throaty bass begins in accented whole notes – strong and steady.

[Here, an echo from the back of the choir]


Then the lead baritone adds some spark, squeezing in a few, nicely-measured, half notes.

The bass is holding his own however.

Now, faster and faster, chirp in some eighths.


The parts become a little sketchy here, and the plot thickens in the swamp.

Enter, Dissonance

Tenors add some high staccato bursts!

The rest of the choir joins the melee.


Forget the rests. Drop the stops!


It’s sixteenth notes now jumping off the staff and bouncing around the score.

It’s a roar!


Then fading, we begin to see a break in the clamor.

A tempo

Jeremiah’s Chorus Line


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