Today’s Shot 161

Without Words

Lily  Pads

What words can express

Is one path to the feeling

Yet some have no name

“I found words to every thought I ever had, but one…”

-Emily Dickinson

It seems that most thoughts and feelings can be labeled and spoken. But what about emotions that find themselves poised between opposite and opposing labels? The mid-point between black and white is grey. This has a name. Even if you feel them both at the same time, you still get some shade of grey.


To feel grief and joy at the same time, would be labeled…griejoy ?

To avoid crowds yet also fear being alone… crowdone?

To love sunshine but to also avoid the sunlight… sunvoid?

Some things are felt so deeply that there are no words for expression. And, other thoughts are just complicated, and unless we invent a new word, they are hard to explain.

What are some ways we can express complicated emotions – without using words?


Laughing and crying at the same time

Smiling through tears

Holding someone’s hand

Howling at the moon

Be well my friends

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©  Pilgrimage Studio


  1. Marsha

    What deep thoughts! We all live in a world of mixed emotions, and struggle to sort them out. You’ve given us a solution for explaining them. We just have to explain to others what our new words mean. 🙂 Love your site.

    Liked by 1 person

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