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A pilgrimage is a journey of spiritual significance..

Hi this is Beth Haley with Pilgrimage Studio.

Human beings, regardless of the boundaries between culture, tribe, tradition, religion, race or gender, have been taking pilgrimages from the beginning of time.

There are many places one might go to for a pilgrimage. A famous one is the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo site that is home to the Kumano Sanzan Shrines, where monks and emperors have walked for more than 1,000 years. Today this pilgrimage route is traveled by more than practitioners of Buddhism and Shinto but by nature lovers, hikers, photographers, and historians.

There are also many reasons that one might set out on a pilgrimage; from paying homage, gaining spiritual enlightenment, to seeking healing. The purpose of my pilgrimage is focused on the every day journey that we all take, day in and day out, one step at a time, moment by moment, through our life.

This pilgrimage, for me, began with an interest in the cultural practices, customs, and traditions for transformation, wellbeing and healing across the world. Practices that are as old as time itself and have been proven by years of use.

This interest resulted in a Bachelor of Arts in the College of Health, Human Services, and Science for a degree in Complimentary and Alternative health (relatives of Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine) from Ashford University in 2014.

At first, this was an interest. And then it grew. Now, I share these practices with others.

In 2018, I began leading guided meditations. I will be adding some short meditations, as I learn to record, to the Meditation Space and more modalities will be added to the blog as I go along.

Welcome to my studio. I hope you find a therapy you love and a blessing to take with you on your personal pilgrimage of Wellbeing.

About Thela Foxgood

I was walking through the woods one day, when I noticed a difference. In me. I was connecting as I usually would to each leaf, tree, strip of moss, mushroom, pond, whisper of wind, dew drop, wild flower, and blade of grass. The dark earth beneath me cushioned each step, hiding its secrets and ancient roots. Why was I thinking about secrets? And ancient roots? The trees whispered answers, but I did not understand them.

As I continued visiting these woods, I sensed a stirring. An awakening. I wasn’t satisfied in merely noticing anymore. I began to have visions at night. I saw myself walking through those woods in the still of the night, cloaked and silent, the moon bright. I knew I was there for a purpose, but I had no knowledge of this purpose. I spoke words I didn’t know. I gathered leaves I didn’t recognize. I had no understanding of what I was seeing or hearing.

I stood beside my dreams and just observed, like a foreigner in a strange land.

It was in these woods, that something new was given its rightful birth. In me. Something that had been in me all along, came flooding to the surface so strongly, it was undeniable.

She had my face. But, she had no name.

I began to study. Years passed, and one day, I was working with letters, numbers and dates. Out the jumble and scribbles of these letters and numbers, Thela Foxgood came into being.

Sometimes I write as Beth and sometimes as Thela. We are known as one and the same, but now, by two names.

These days, while I work through my day drinking plant concoctions and chanting mantras, I just have to smile. Now, I know.



  1. Ianus Christius

    Due to the fact that I’m also in this spiritual thing, I can understand some things that you are passing by, even do my spiritual journey is a lot of different form the journeys of other spiritual seekers. i observe the world in some sort of special holistic approach.

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  2. Pilgrimage Studio

    I was thinking about the polar opposites of these: love, acceptance, equality. How about freedom. It seems I see a lot, where people of certain religions think that freedom is only for their own belief system. Excepting that there are many different belief systems… which makes our world so colorful. Freedom is having our own shape and flavor. We don’t have to fit into someone else’s system. We each have our own… love, acceptance, equality… I think these things enable people to work alongside each other, despite differences, to create a better world more free of poisons like hatred

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      I have heard a lot about hallucinogens and I think they can be beneficial for certain types of healing pilgrimages! I haven’t tried them myself, but I have friends who have used them for spiritual questing and journeys.
      😊🌟😊 πŸ„
      Thank you for stopping by today! πŸ˜€

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  3. Vanessa Valeros Calapano

    Hi Beth,
    Thank you for your sharing. I find it very inspirational.
    By the way, I am new in blogging and I hope you can support me. Just recently, I made a challenge to myself that for the next 21 days, I will visit 10 blogs each day. During my visit, I will leave a comment and will have its link posted on my blog as well. Hope you can visit my blog too and leave your footprints.

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