Mail Candy

Guest writer, Alysia Burrows, writes about her life-long love of books, which has also been a love of mine for as long as I can remember.

For those who love swapping books as much as we have:

by Alysia Burrows

When I was a young girl, I found solace in books.  We moved to so many new places and I just never felt like I truly fit in to any of them.

I am not sure when the world of books was introduced to me, or how.  I just know that as early as third grade they swept me away and took me to a better place.  

Reading has always been my way of hiding away when times were at their worst.  It was as if I no longer existed in this world and it was how I coped with the challenges and pain life often has a way of bringing.  

Today I love to read all the genres, and books have a special place in my heart.  I read them on my tablet, listen to them in my car, but my most favorite book is the old-fashioned kind.  

My best friend and I would refer to them as “mail candy” when we would do a book swap through the mail and the arrival of them would bring us instant joy.  It still does to this day.  

He loved books, those undemanding but faithful friends.

-Victor Hugo

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