Happy Father’s Day Papa

Dear Papa,

We had so many amazing memories flying the big skies. Remember bringing the cat on the plane? One very calm cat was let out of her kennel. And, at the moment we rose above cloud level, calm cat looked out the window. She then coined the term “Ballistic”.

In whoever’s defense that decided to bring miss cat on the plane… we were moving and couldn’t leave her behind. I ask again, “Why was it that she wasn’t transported by car?”

Aw well. The point is, that was the stuff! The stuff memories are made of.

My memory grows a little hazy at the point where she was let loose… but I do know that whatever material covered the sides and top of the inside of that airplane…

…gave sufficient traction for claws. Because I do know for certain that I’ve seen a cat go from floor, up the wall, across the ceiling, and then in every direction there are words for.

Maybe my memory of this is hazy because she was moving at the speed of light.

Anyway, I’m bringing you my usual gift for you to find in the freezer which, as usual, will be inside the icy bag with the frozen card that says, “Happy Father’s Day!”

Love Your Daughter, Beth

Miss you lots ❤️

And, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers reading this! Thank you for all you do!


  1. Jill

    That is such a sweet Fathers Day message to your Papa in Heaven. I still think of my Dad daily.
    I’m so glad that you had such a Sweet and Loving Father as well as those Precious Memories to hold close to your heart.
    I’m sure that if it is possible, your Dad and My Dad are flying somewhere today since they loved Flying so much.


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      1. Anonymous

        My Dad did that on me one time over the Allegheny Mountains and was laughing and told me to get out of it.
        He was laughing so I knew I had a short time to get the plane back.

        Thank you,

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