by Beth Haley

Sometimes, through the storms of life, it is easy to be blind to anything except our own personal hurricane. We get so engrossed in the noise of our own issues or thoughts that we don’t look around. We don’t truly see the storms that others are fighting.

We hear the wind. We hear the hail. We see our world gripped in the clutches of an angry, screaming wind.

We’re caught up in our own thunder and lightening. It’s all we know, until we look around:

And then we realize that while we braved our own storm, others were completely misplaced by theirs.

I drove home today through, what looked like, a war zone of mayhem. Trees and branches had fallen all over. Electrical wires buzzed and hissed overhead. And not too far away from my own place, a tree had fallen into someone’s home.

Tonight, I send out a “thank you” that no one was hurt in this storm and that housing and help is being found for those who now have no home.

I’m reminded to look deeper at the people around me. We all face our own storms, every single day… many of which, are not so visible to the naked eye.


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