The Cook’s Cryptogram

If: e = a and z = n

Xpr jez bovmm emhpqs ezx lnbnsefmn vz san plnz, ezc vs hegnq e cnmvjvprq ezc neqx qvcn. Qmvjn sanh, qdonec sanh prs pz e jppgvn qanns, ezc covttmn e mvssmn pmvln pvm, e kelpovsn japddnc anof, ezc qphn qems ezc dnddno plno san spdq. Dmejn vzsp e aps plnz (400 cnbonnq). Nydnovhnzs wvsa cvkknonzs qneqpzvzbq ezc aeln krz nesvzb wnmm!

My favorite to roast of late has been eggplant to make Baba Ganoush and Moussaka with.

Cryptogram Tips

The Last Code Breaker Winner!


  1. alysiafun

    You can grill almost any vegetable in the oven and it makes a delicious and easy side. Slice them spread them out on a cookie sheet and drizzle a little olive oil, a favorite chopped herb, and some salt and pepper over the tops. Place into a hot oven (400 degrees). Experiment with different seasonings and have fun eating well!

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