Today’s Shot 12

by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

Happy Halloween!

A Halloween Frolic

From the 13th printing of Heigh Ho for Halloween by Elizabeth Hough Sechrist © 1948

A little witch in a steeple hat

Once tried a merry spell,

To make the hares come pit-a-pat

From dingle and from dell.

And pit-a-pat, beneath the moon,

The shy hares peeping came;

The little witch in buckled shoon,

She called them each by name.

“Come, ‘Fairy-foot’ and ‘Sparkle-eyes’!

Come ‘Fine-ear,’ ‘Bob,’ and ‘Bun’!”

They gathered round in mild surprise,

But glad of any fun.

And when she told them what she willed,

They stamped and leaped in glee,

And all their velvet noses thrilled

With laughter strange to see.

What was the prank, do you suppose,

And what the merry spell?

The sleepy owlet only knows,

And she would never tell!

-Helen Gray Cone


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