Today’s Shot 27

by Beth Haley

Good morning from Fallon, NV! With travel, sometimes you get the shot however you can. It was too cold to pull over or to roll the window down, but even through glass the sunrise showed it’s wonder across the sky!

Beginning-of-Week Rituals

A blessing on this day

A blessing on this week

A blessing on family & friends

A blessing on our work

A blessing on our rest

A blessing on our bodies

A blessing upon the weeks events

A blessing on our conversations

May we be safe, sheltered and loved.

Travel Rituals

A blessing on this journey

A blessing on the roadways

A blessing upon the vehicle

A blessing on the driver

A blessing on the sights

A blessing on the shots

A blessing on the tunes 🎶

A blessing for the miles

May they be swift and safe


  1. macalder02

    First, the photos are of extraordinary beauty. A lovely landscape to accompany the rituals. They are very necessary to start the day, the week with optimism and with the conviction that we will do well. Thank you for sharing them.

    Liked by 1 person

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