Christmas Countdown

by Alysia

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is that of the Christmas countdown. You get a special treat every day for 24 days. How much fun is THAT?!

There wasn’t a lot out there to buy that wasn’t either cheap and unsavory, or extremely expensive, so I decided to make my own.

I’ve made several over the years and I have since left the painting to my husband. He is much better at it than I am. My first attempt involved cheap paints and a paintbrush. (It’s not the greatest looking creation but the idea had taken shape.)

To start, you buy a 24 drawer parts cabinet like this one:  

This one was much easier to find online. We looked at several stores and they just didn’t have them in stock. You can even use one you happen to have on hand. You can paint these to look more traditionally like Christmas or think up a theme and go with that.  

The first one that we completed would be more what I would consider “traditional”. We found the little village online and glued it on top. Then, we put on the painted fake snow you can get at just about any store that has craft supplies.  My husband spray-painted it red and green and just made sure the paint he bought would be a good choice for plastic.  The stickers came from a local craft store.  

The other countdown, I have pictured below, was themed, “The Night Before Christmas”. It was a bit more expensive and it was harder to find things for this one.  

This is the front and both sides we did for our family:


We made the “Night Before Christmas” themed countdown for a birthday present.  

Here we’ve separated them and my husband spray-painted them.  

We picked up this cobblestone village road online because every picture we saw showed the characters in a castle. 

We found these character toys online to decorate the top with after we glued down the cobblestone road.

This is the finished “Night Before Christmas” countdown.  The numbers are just stickers we put on the front.

These drawers are good-sized and could be filled with all kinds of fun things.  You just have to use your imagination and most importantly – HAVE FUN!

Alysia has also made my Christmas countdown boxes, which have been a Christmas highlight for years! Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas Countdown Alysia!!

Cover photo by Anuja Mary Tilj