Today’s Shot 99

Meet Buck

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee


      1. Dawn Renee

        I love this photo. I really want to hug that beauty. I saw a herd of maybe 7 Doe. Half of them crossed the road before being interrupted by us. They that crossed stopped & watched the rest waiting at the other side of the road. They continued to walk only when they were all together. That shows reasoning as well as concern for one another. Beautiful creatures

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      2. Pilgrimage Studio

        Thank you, I was nervous to post it – as he was a rare beauty to me rather than … a meal … deer are so gentle In Spirit … I love the messages of deer from The Druid Plant Oracles and Medicine Cards. How neat you saw a group recently and that they waited for their family and friends. People don’t give animals enough credit: they are intelligent, caring, instinctive, and emotional beings… intuitive too.
        I enjoyed your experience of the group of deer working together and I’m glad you enjoyed my picture of Buck 🦌💛🦌

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      3. Dawn Renee

        I will look into the Oracle’s & medicine cards, I’m intrigued. I must say, I like to think I’d eat steamed tree bark before murdering a magnificent animal. I wonder if tree bark contains protein : ) I couldn’t agree with you more, animals are all those things & our spirits need them. I’ve even witnessed insects show decision-making.

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      4. Pilgrimage Studio

        Lol, well you can eat bark from certain trees (the cambium layer right next to the wood) – I haven’t done barks but I do use pine needles to make a delicious tea (harvested from pines that are away from traffic) but some pines are not edible. Outdoor (tree bark use).

        Oh, and I meant “The Druid Animal Oracles”. Beautiful messages in both. The Medicine Cards message is gentleness and from the Druid cards it is the Hind (subtlety, gracefulness and femininity) and Stag (pride, independence, and purification). The Stag is a great symbol of poise and dignity – a great energy for things like public speaking. 🦌✨🦌

        What is your favorite bug? I’ve never watched bugs really… I wish them all to be largely unseen! 🤣☺️😊


      5. Dawn Renee

        I didn’t know that’s layer of bark on certain trees that could be consumed. Thank you for that site & pine needle knowledge.
        The old ways are nearly entirely forgotten. We may need to know such things again. I anticipate reading more of the Oracle’s & cards. Sources such as these may be how some animal dream interpretations are constructed.

        Oh, I can’t choose a favorite insect, I actually have hilarious stories of interactions regarding a few species! I may be able to sprinkle them into some lizard posts & make it fit.

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  1. Pilgrimage Studio

    The Old Ways are certainly not “mainstream” but there are groups keeping the ancient flames alive! I actually worked on a dream interpretation the other day with cards which was really interesting, Involving a white python!
    I look forward to your insect tales
    🐜 🐛💛


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