Today’s Shot 178

Left Behind

Abandoned Bike
Abandoned Bike

It’s hard for me to imagine leaving a bike somewhere… but I found this walking through the woods one day. It seemed so odd, and quite forlorn.

I mean,

Were they raptured? Abducted by aliens?

🚲 Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:

Anything to do with bikes,

trikes, or motorcycles 🚲

© Pilgrimage Studio


  1. galeriaredelius

    I love this photo, and also – thanks to this photo challenge (which is what brought me here) – I discovered your meditation space! Unexpectedly, in the midst of browsing blog posts, I sat down to listen to your guided meditation. It did me good to listen to it! I didn’t find a comment field there, so I mention it here, and want to say THANK YOU!

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      Wow, I’m so glad you found the meditation! I made that page forever ago and haven’t added to it as making recordings is hard for me. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I am still recording but the audio is not ever what I’d like it to be as now I’m recording Facebook live meditation sessions. I uploaded one yesterday and forgot to include it in today’s post. Thank you for visiting and I’ve enjoyed your blog as well! 😊🌟😊

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