Today’s Shot 203

Spurred Butterfly Pea

Large Spurred Butterfly Pea Bloom
Centrosema virginianum

Centrosema virginianum, Spurred Butterfly Pea, Butterfly pea, Wild blue vine, Blue bell, or Wild pea is an herbaceous perennial. It is often confused with Clitoria mariana which is also called Butterfly pea. The difference is in the spur. With virginianum, you don’t see the long corolla tube like you see on the mariana.

Telling the difference

🌸 Cee’s Flower of the Day – FOTD🌸

Be well, be safe, and happy foraging friends!

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      1. John

        The weeds scare me the most. The very long ones that grow from the bottom to the surface, along the slopes where the transition is from deep to shallow, seemed to grab me and felt slimy! Gaaaah!!! 😱💀

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