Today’s Shot 231

Tree Lights

Autumn Leaves

Like tea lights aglow

Leafy lanterns beckon us

The trees light a path

🍁 Cee’s Flower of the Day – FOTD 🍁

The Self

There is a season for everything.

We grow in spring,

and flourish in summer.

We gather in harvest,

then rest through cold.

What is no longer needed,

falls like golden leaves.

Beautiful in their death,

they will again be reborn.

Transformation has taken hold.

That which is stronger, more radiant…

that metal which overcomes –

To this I say: rest and gather strength!

Spring will come.

And, out of winter’s frost,

The indomitable within, will rise.

– by Thela Foxgood

Autumn Blessings!

Autumn Leaves

© Pilgrimage Studio


  1. Joe

    Nice images. Question for you if you don’t mind: I struggle with white balance in areas with dense canopies and end up with a green color cast. Do you set your camera for a specific wb or do you adjust in post processing?

    Liked by 1 person

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