Today’s Shot 287

Cee’s Flower of the Day -FOTD

©️ Pilgrimage Studio


      1. Dawn Renée

        I have nearly 2 (long story). I have another location around a tree in the back that I’m considering for my final garden (the 1 with the hanging macrame chair, if you saw that post), however, it’s maybe 70 steps from the deck. So, I may contemplate a closer location, bc I already tend a large food garden, and get mad when I walk 50 steps to fix a kink in the hose: ). If I remember then, I’ll share pics with Murph in the gardens. Thanks for wanting to see😌

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      2. Pilgrimage Studio

        I saw a space around a tree in “Living with a Dragon and a Coon” but maybe I missed the macrame chair… I understand about keeping things near and as simple as possible. Yes, I would love to see Murph out playing with the fairies 😉😊 🦎 Give him kisses from Peanut and I 🐶 🦊


      3. Dawn Renée

        Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you went searching! That means so much. I found it:
        The other tree, I quickly made a teardrop shape around it with stones. I was planning the blueprint for a fairy garden there when my grand idea was haulted. Also, I discovered the bit of sunlight there was enough to burn my fairy-sized fern. Just kissed Murph (abt 10 x) for our friends. It wasn’t requested, but he got ’em above the ear & those cute, tiny neck folds.😘 He’s feeling “blah” today. He’s gonna have spa time in a bit. His vet appt is tomorrow. Will you in turn kiss my favorite spot there on Peanut’s nose (where the little fur line is)?🥜

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      4. Pilgrimage Studio

        Thank you for the link! I like that chair, btw 🙂 I’m sure Murph appreciated all the love, especially since he was not feeling well. I hope he enjoyed his spa time. I wish you both luck with the vet appointment. I hope it goes well. I will definitely give Peanut a kiss for you x10. Have a great evening 🦎 🦝 🥜 🧚‍♀️


      5. Dawn Renée

        He did, eventually. After 30 minutes (ish), we went outside for an hour. Finally got him to eat around 5:30. Thank you, for all of that + the 10 🙂 I can’t naturally stop at one kiss for any animal, so that’s perfect!

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