Today’s Shot 360

When life hands you lemons…

Look through your last photo shoot.”

Today’s travel: Myrtle Beach. Except, without the beach. The day needs some sweetness. Keep on keeping on!

©️ Pilgrimage Studio

Today’s Song


      1. John

        Years ago I saw a guy filling the right-front tire at a gas station, his gal was in the front seat. He overfilled the tire, it went boom in his face! He rolled backward, hard! 😂

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  1. Dawn Renée

    This cat looks almost identical to Toby, a kitten I was meant to have & who I believe chose his name). Years later my parents kept him because the house that I was moving to didn’t allow cats (?). I should have taken him anyway (he held an awful & long grudge & I love him), but am glad I didn’t. He and my parents became so in love with one another, and he lived 22 years!

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      22 years, that is a long time! It sounds like he had a lot of love. I’ve turned down a few places that didn’t allow pets. I’m glad he had a happy home though even though I’m sure it was hard to part with him. This is Vanya. She does not like to be inside but if it gets very cold, I bring her inside until she starts to complain.


      1. Dawn Renée

        Thank you. He was so happy with them, but I continued with my guilt in my decision. I was younger then, only if my parents had not accepted him might I had realized the power I had to say, I’m moving nowhere without him, ever. It was very hard, things weren’t the same between us until he knew he was dying. The last day I saw him, he wanted in my lap again.
        Vanya… that is so beautiful!! Wonderful name for a unique girl! She seems like quite the character. I look forward to seeing her again later.

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      2. Pilgrimage Studio

        Im so glad he came to you before he crossed over. Thank you, Vanya is a Russian name. That was her name at the shelter, and I liked it so it stayed! She looks forward to posing again soon! 😊🐾😊 Happy Weekend my friend 🤗


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