Today’s Shot 371

Food Friday

A simple start, with butter
Some chocolate, why not.
Then fruit preserves, whipped cream and syrup.
A nice treat!

Waffles have perfect slots for chocolate chips!

Merry Weekend to you!

Graphics Fairy


      1. equinoxio21

        A friend of mine spent a few months in Turkey. She sketched Turkish items. It inspired me another story: “Breakfast in Istanbul.” I can send you the link if you like… (I never post a link on someone else’s blog without permission. Hehe!)

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      2. Pilgrimage Studio

        I am so enjoying your story of ancient artifacts, art, danger, tea and a bit of romance! I love the illustrations also. I have not finished the last page of the story yet but I’m looking forward it! Thank you for sharing this. It would be great book!! 😊

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      3. equinoxio21

        Thank you for going through the whole three parts. If you haven’t finished yet, you’re in for a few surprises. I wrote this when Tiffany Choong was in Turkey. her drawings gave me the idea. I wrote the story around them with a ficticious character named Stéphanie Lung.
        breakfast at Tiffany’s became Breakfast in Istanbul… 😉
        A bit short for a book. Let me know when you have finished the last page… (I have another story with Stéphanie…)

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      4. equinoxio21

        The “Philosopher” is a good character. I have plans for him. (And Stephanie.)
        If you’re not tired of my writing I do have another Stéphanie story posted already. Let me know if you want the link…
        (And I would love to visit the Bazaar too and have çay…) ☕️

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