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Throwback Thursday

First published on the 1st day of May, 2020

Today’s travels took me through an area that had recently been hit by tornadoes. It feels strange to pass through an area after the eye of a storm has ripped it apart – it feels like one should whisper – hushed and grieving, like at a graveyard. – South Carolina

With Love ©️ Pilgrimage Studio


  1. John

    This makes me sad. I’ve seen so many tornadoes rip through communities back east. If the Fed wants to help at all, then put tornado shelters in each home in the proper areas. Tax money well spent.

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  2. Carolyn Page

    Yes, I too felt sadness as I ‘silently’ scrolled through your images.
    They reminded me of a time, a few years back, when we drove through land, kilometre by kilometre, that had been decimated by bush fires here in eastern Australia.
    Thankfully, the land has recovered and new life has sprung up all around. Thousands upon thousands of animals were destroyed; and yet mother nature takes care of her own. Recovery can now be seen, and is abundant.
    So too for man. For the most part, people recover and move past the incredible stress and bewilderment of such events. However, the resilience and fortitude of character that often results, shines through.

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      It is hard to see. Worse to experience. I can only imagine how it felt to see the land and animals destroyed by the fires there. But new life begins, like hope in our hearts. We take courage and continue. Changed. Stronger. I’m glad that you can see the recovery and new growth there. Wishing you all the best 🙏🙂🙂

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  3. Elena Delle Selve

    It’s terrifying to see how destructive Nature can be at times. And it is true that it leaves a sense of dismay and deep sadness in your heart. I understand you. Here where I live it happened in 2018, when it took away many hectares of forests

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      1. Elena Delle Selve

        a forest takes at least 50 years to grow back… to cover the soil. Times in Nature are much longer than we think. I won’t get to see her again as beautiful as she was. But there are other forests to go. 🙂

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