Release Physical Tension

by Beth Haley

Find a comfortable place to sit or stand.

When you are ready, exhale all the air from your lungs.

When you inhale, raise your shoulders to your ears. Hold. Then exhale completely as you gently drop your shoulders.

Inhale: Raise your shoulders and make fists with your hands tightening all muscles in your arms and chest. Hold. Exhale deeply and release your shoulders, chest and arms. Open your hands.

Inhale deeply: Raise your shoulders, make fists, tighten arms, and arch your feet tightening all the muscles of your legs and stomach. Hold. Exhale and release. Open your hands… relax your feet.

Inhale slowly: Raise your shoulders, make fists, arch your feet, tighten every muscle in your body and scrunch your face. Every muscle should be tight. Hold. Then exhale fully and release your whole body!

This is one way my meditation class and I relax before meditating.

Always practice in a way that is safe for you.

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