Reading Nook 1

by Beth Haley

Growing up, my mother read to me for hours. We got lost in the classics: Charles Dickens, Wilson Rawls, Charlotte Bronte, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Kenneth Grahame, Fred Gipson, Daniel Defoe, Laura Ingalls Wilder and so many more! We spent hours on grand adventures, cried over sick or missing dogs and over the plight of princesses and orphans. We dreamed through secret gardens and were in awe as Ebenezer Scrooge met his ghosts.

Then I read to my children. I started to record books for them so that when I was busy, they could still be following along with their books.

They are all grown up now. I find I miss both being read to, and reading to others. This is a little bit different from Dr Seuss, but inspiring, I hope.

Even though the title says “women” I think the message is relevant to men as well.

This is from the book, “The Woman’s Book of Courage by Sue Patton Thoele.

And, to the things we miss, and the things we wish for:

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes


  1. ashok

    My mom was illiterate but filled with love. My father read a lot and our house was filled with classics. But no one read those to me and I read all these myself. It was much later in life that I started to read popular books 📚

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      I’ve often considered picking up these childhood friends and reading them myself, now that I’m grown. I wonder if they will sound the same. I’m glad you have read these too! 😊 Perhaps you can read to others and share these books

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      1. ashok

        I had loved Of Human Bondage, when I had read it ages back. And at that time I could see myself in the main character. Once I mentioned it to my son and wondered how would I feel if I read the book now. A few weeks later he got the book for me and I read it again after more than 20 years. And I could still relate to it the same way. I think that is the beauty of these master story tellers. They know life. And they write so well.

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