Diaphragm Breathing

by Beth Haley

Breathing with the large diaphragm muscle in the middle of our body is what babies do naturally. With age, we can “forget” this very natural rhythm.

In supine position (lie on your back), pull your knees up and place your feet by your buttocks.

Placing your right hand on your abdomen, see if you can breath by only using your diaphragm. Your hand should rise and fall with your breath.

Place your left hand on your upper chest and see if you can prevent your left hand from rising and falling as you breathe.

Make a steady rhythm with your breath, counting to three on your inhale and to three on your exhale. Increase the count, as you are comfortable, to a count of ten.

Complete a round of ten inhale and exhale cycles.

Meditation for your Life by Robert Butera, PhD

Photo Credit johnhain@pixabay


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