Transform Perceptions

by Thela Foxgood

A Haiku is a Japanese poem that has 17 syllables. The 1st line has 5 syllables, the 2nd line has 7, and the 3rd line has 5.

We aren’t truly limited. We are limitless. It is our perceptions, many times born from past pain, that cause us to think we are limited.

When it comes down to changing limiting habits and attitudes it can be helpful to make a list. I used these headings:

Limiting Habits

Limiting Attitudes

Mapping them out like this makes them easier to see. It is also easier then to see what path healing needs to take, or how to change our subconscious programming.


  1. biggerthanmemovement888

    This is very powerful as I also believe our perceptions must be transform in order to heal. I am just discovering who I am at 35. I was who everyone else wanted me to be- all my life. The process of transforming my perceptions leads me to who I am… and am going to be. Not the past that I allowed to define me for so long. Thanks for the wonderful article 💖

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  2. Pilgrimage Studio

    Hi there! I can so relate to what you wrote. I was sitting with this message the other day:

    “…examine and overcome limiting habits and attitudes formed as protective reactions to painful events in the past.”

    …and thinking, well how do I do that?

    I felt strongly prompted to write them out, and seeing them clearly really helped devise a plan for new habits and attitudes.

    There comes that time when we break out of what has been into who we truly are. We start to “become” the person who walks a healthier path defined by a deeper knowing of our own unique purpose, gifts, and calling.

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