The Messy Middle

by Beth Haley

Dedicated to my Dear Friend Alysia, who sends me books that make me think!!

I can see them…

these goals and dreams.

They’re out there, in the distance.

Are they waving at me? Or taunting me?

Some are close, and some are farther away :

sometimes shrouded in wisps of mist,

sometimes shining brighter in sudden bursts of inspired sunshine,

and sometimes peeking out between the clouds with all hope…

At least, they are visible out there in the light, at the end of this tunnel.

At any rate, whether they are waving or taunting, I am trying to keep a few thoughts securely in front of me. One being that:

It is the journey that is of most importance. Not just the “getting there” or “arriving.”

Many times, I think that the major event of reaching a goal, ends up not being all we thought it would be because we put so much emphasis on the end result, and not as much focus on the journey we take getting there. And then once there, we just rush on, toward the next goal.

Or, we may find that upon reaching a goal, the sacrifice and culmination of work, work, work, ends up not really being as climactic as we had hoped. And we realize, life happened in the middle, in the process, in the journey to get there.

I don’t want to be miserable in the messy middle, where the work is done to get from point A to point B or Z. I don’t want to focus so much on the “work” or the end result, that I forget to just enjoy the journey.

“The middle is messy, but that’s also where the magic happens.” – Brené Brown

Meeting goals is great, but did you enjoy life while you were getting there?

Did you then, or are you now, finding ways to just enjoy the every-day journey?

Balance in life, is a bit different for each one of us.

I would love to hear your thoughts

Picture Credit: 3dman_eu@pixabay

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