Simplify your Life Questionnaire

If 1 represents simple,

and 10 represents complicated,

then on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your lifestyle?

Have you simplified anything in your life so far this year? If so, what?

What changes toward simplifying your life would you like to make overall?

What aspects of simplifying your life would you be willing to change this year?

Pick any of these simplification strategies you would be willing to try or start in the next few months :

Pack a lunch

Have only one credit card

Get out of debt

Downsize your home

Unsubscribe from email lists you don’t read

Work where you live

Consolidate bank accounts

Learn to say no

Declutter your home

Vacation near or at home

Simplify eating habits to whole, unprocessed foods

Buy in bulk, and shop less often

Put your phone on silent when it’s not needed

Take only one suitcase, and pack only essentials

Stop trying to please people and just be yourself

Do what you want for a living

Stop trying to change people

Get rid of possessions you don’t need or use

Buy for functionality and durability rather than for fashion


Drink water

Some changes are simple. And some will be a process.

A good way to decide on things to get rid of, is to put them away for a year. If you haven’t needed them or thought of them throughout the year, then it may be time to donate them.


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