I Thought I Couldn’t Meditate

by Thela Foxgood

For years I tried meditation. I came to the conclusion that “meditation” was just a nice-sounding word for a concept that was completely beyond my grasp. It appeared to me, at that time, that meditation was for a select group of gifted individuals.

And, that I was not one of them.

I mean

“f o c u s o n y o u r b r e a t h”

was interesting for like five seconds.

I kept hearing Crush in Finding Nemo saying, “Focus dude.”

Despite my setbacks, I knew there was something in it. I just kept coming back to it.

While it wasn’t yet within my grasp, I could see it in the distance… something important, almost within reach; if I could just find the right key to unlock it.

Then one day, I was reading a book called Celtic Myth and Magic by Edain McCoy, in which there is a section on meditation.

In her book, she mentions holding the image of a symbol in your mind:

“When you can sustain an image for five to ten minutes without your consciousness wavering, begin to allow your inner-self to feel a kinship to the symbol.”

I looked at the clock thinking, “Kinship? OK. Five minutes. I’ll try this one more time.”

The symbol I chose was the triquerta.

This is how it happened:

I set my timer for five minutes.

  • I visualized this symbol
  • It was hazy at first, then became crystal clear
  • I gazed at it from a distance
  • Then I stepped closer, scrutinizing every point and curve intently
  • It began to slowly rotate, and I looked at it from all sides
  • I traced it, as though I was drawing it
  • I was fascinated at how the symbol was one fluid line

My timer went off and I reset it.

  • Small tongues of flame leaped up from the symbol
  • I reached my hand out and touched it
  • I was surprised that, despite the flames, it had a safe and comfortable warmth
  • I let it rest over the palm of my hand
  • The triquerta then changed from flames of orange, yellow and red to frosty blue and white
  • Icicles clung to its frozen surface
  • An icy heat made my hand tingle like drops of peppermint essence

My timer went off again.

Ten minutes! It was the first time I had ever successfully meditated.

From starting out with one symbol or image, you may find in time, that you can add more symbols, motion, color, scent, temperature, taste, and more complex scenes.

Reflect on the meaning this symbol or picture has to you, and a message you may find.

Now, I use images all the time. Art and symbolism are wonderful tools. You never know what journey you may take!

If you haven’t found a specific way of meditating that works for you yet, don’t give up! It’s out there. You’ll find it.

Now I lead meditations, and this gift that I found for myself has become a gift I share with others.

My Wish

I wish you success in finding that key (or keys) that unlock doorways along the path of your personal pilgrimage, journey or quest.

Edain McCoy


  1. Pilgrimage Studio

    I understand hectic houses. Hectic days. Hectic souls. There are times when meditation or a quiet moment only happens in the few minutes before sleep. But even those few minutes make a difference!

    I was taking notes on a class last night and this was one topic:

    “If you’re always trying to find time, it will constantly fly from you. Instead, make time. Don’t look for it.” -Philip Carr-Gomm

    I wish you the best in making space for a time out! Even short spaces of quiet help 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SustainableFeminineWarrior

      This. My “To Do” list has gotten longer,…yet my Success in Life seems to come more when I just let it go,..and TAKE the time to Meditate. To Allow Life, Spirit, who knows to support me rather than me trying to Work It All Out and Make it all Happen.
      As my work has become a touch overwhelming I’m now fulfilling a Promise to myself in finally starting to share this Journey in a Blog.
      Thank you for your Share.
      Wishing us both Peace in the Quiet.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oneiridescent

    I consider, Nature has gifted all of us with a freely available mode of meditation – Sleep. Dreams are the images through which our brain firstly relieves itself of stress and advances forward. We merely need to watch the dreams like an observer, just as a meditator silently observes the images flowing in meditation.

    Liked by 1 person

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