Healing Sound

by Beth Haley

This year, a friend that I work with passed away suddenly. In the midst of our shock, and the grief of our loss, his passing also brought a special blessing into my home.

Her name is Patsy, and she was his baby.

Today, I went looking for some soothing music to play for the babies while they slept and I worked on tonight’s meditation for class.

Originally Peanut, my chihuahua, was the only one laying on the pillow. She just had surgery, and got her stitches taken out yesterday. I plugged in the phone, and laid it on the pillow beside her.

There are many, many times I will plug in the phone and lay it down on whatever surface I’m near. Couch, floors, pillows, blankets… It’s pretty unremarkable. This has never drawn attention before. No one is interested in this phenomenon, regardless of where I lay it.

But today, when I looked over, I was surprised to see Patsy: she wasn’t laying close to the phone…she had positioned her body so that she was laying on it. The music I was playing is a Solfeggio soundtrack with the frequency of 741HZ called Dissolve Toxins and Cleanse Infections by Meditative Mind.

Patsy has Feline Leukemia.

I didn’t intend to run an experiment on the effects of healing sound frequencies on fur babies, but this was the result.


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