Turmeric Face Mask

by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

I was looking through a book today called “Herbal Goddess” by Amy Jirsa and came across a Turmeric Face Mask recipe. However, I was out of a few ingredients.

I am not sure why shopping is so hard for me, but if I’m out of something, I just make due if possible. I am the Grocery-Store-Avoider! So, I crafted with what I had on hand.

**Test on a small area of skin first to check for allergic reactions.

Thela’s Turmeric Face Mask Shortcut

Use a favorite store-bought face mask mix you already have on hand.

Put the amount of mask mixture needed to cover your face, into a bowl, and mix in 1tsp organic Turmeric powder.

I used a natural clay mask that is infused with essential oils, and added the Turmeric to that.

If you have apple cider vinegar, this adds astringent benefits and makes a great toner. Add just enough to your mask mix to keep the thickness you need.


Turmeric is good for troubled skin conditions such as redness, eczema, and rosacea. Its natural antiseptic qualities are excellent for treating acne.

Note: a good time to try this is a day where you can be at home. Turmeric makes my face look like I have a tan, but it can turn skin a bit yellow.

Photo Credit: Ajale@Pixabay

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