You are my Inspiration

by Beth Haley

Today seemed to be all about synchronicity. Message after message spoke to me about familiar places I’ve visited on my journey recently. 😊

Writer’s Block

Almost every day, I enter my writing time with, literally, no idea what I will write about. I gather my books, listen to my podcasts, watch videos, listen to my audio books, and I wait…for that spark of inspiration. Sometimes it’s a picture, or a quote, a voice, a song, or lyrics. Today however, my thoughts were inspired by my fellow bloggers and here are some highlights.

East Coast Approach wrote today about Beginners Bloggers Block, which I work through almost daily, and I enjoyed the thoughts!

Secret Places, Sacred Spaces

I have finally turned a room into a meditation space. It’s been a long time in coming, but its so nice to have this zen space at last. I came across this beautiful thought today at Puplerays called Create your own Secret Place. Talk about synchronicity. 😊


I’ve been brooding over change recently. I’ve been having these visions where I see on my left side, what has been (old thoughts and ways of believing and being) and on my right side I see the new ideas and the state of being I am drawing towards. And I see me in the middle. Not caught. There’s a waver here and there; those moments where you hesitate between what is old and comfortable, and the new and a bit scary. Wobbly at times, but still moving forward.

The vision I really don’t like is with me sitting on the fence between two concepts. I don’t want the fence. It always reminds me of Karate Kid and “Squash like grape…”

Being in the middle of change is not the same as being stuck. I’m moving away from one state of being, towards new ways… I’m not quite there yet with all of it, but It’s still progress. I’m still moving. Some days its hard to be patient.

So today, of course, I came across a post called Things by The Bigger Than me MovementοΏΌ, which is all about change and patience.

And as I read this post, I kept hearing these words:

“The world is changed. I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air…”


Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

As someone who struggles with social phobia, I am very conscious about pushing myself to stay involved with my people and groups. Otherwise, I’d never leave the house. This is my therapy: To leave home everyday, take up my courage, and forge the connections I so desire, despite the fear.

On the other side of this, I forget sometimes that it is also ok to set aside my alone time to reboot. As an HSP, the wear and tear of noise, light, and people can be completely exhausting. With my constant onward push to always be moving forward, I needed this reminder today to take a time-out when needed, in the sheltering arms of peace and quiet…my soul’s haven.

I remind myself that I am not caught in the middle. It is a matter of choice: what do I need most right now? A time out, or connection. The choice is mine.

What about when I can’t have it both ways? When I’m out and about and I am not able to step away, I remind myself that there is peace waiting for me at home, and that I am almost there. I keep home in sight throughout the day. My sanity!

I came across this post today and had to smile: JoyPassionDesire


This is also an excellent book:

The Highly Sensitive Person

Rest and Guidance

And just when I thought I’d gotten confirmation on all my messages of late, I came across a post about rest and guidance.

Thistle in Avalon: Parting the Mists

It’s time to call it a day, and head for my meditation πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ spot! It is amazing the answers I can find when I enter my sacred space, take that quiet moment to search within, and really listen.

We can all create a sacred space. Sometimes it is just a walk in the woods, or listening to the rain. A moment of calm is a sacred space in and of itself.

Have you taken a time-out today to listen?

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      Thank you muchly! I so appreciate the work of fellow bloggers and the inspirational content they provide through their work. The pictures you take of Art are stunning and I enjoy my visits on your pages 😊


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