Marinade Recipe

by Beth Haley

For eight hours every night, during sleep (or however long you rest), our subconscious mind is marinating. So what we think on in those few moments before sleep, is like setting the channel for the night. Consciously place those thoughts that you want to rest with, in your mind.

Subconscious Mind Marinade

1 tsp: I am Well

1 tsp: I am at Peace

1 tsp: I am Content

1 tsp: I am Prosperous

1 tsp: I am Abundant

1 tsp: I am Happy

1 tsp: I enjoy my Life

1 tsp: Inner Quietness

1 tsp: I am Secure

1 tsp: Releasing all Burdens

1 tsp: Knowing, that all answers will come to me at the right time, without struggle or worry.


Mix up all ingredients 5 minutes before sleep.

Pour on your mind to marinate overnight, and know, that you are about to program your subconscious.

Ā© BH 2019



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