New Moon Mudra

by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

I was looking today for a mudra that could capture, in some way, what the new moon represents:

  • A fresh start
  • Re-birth
  • Starting something new
  • Setting intentions

I came across so many different ones that have been used for new moon meditations. So, as I tried out different mudras, I just picked the one that really stood out and resonated with me energetically.

It is called Adhara Mudra.

New Moon Meditation

Define your intention, as a simple statement.

You can cleanse your hands and activate energy by rubbing them together, and then by shaking them out.

Find a comfortable sitting position, and hold the Adhara mudra in front of your navel, shoulders relaxed.

Focus on your inhale and exhale, feeling your breath rise and fall in your body.

Feel the energy of this mudra through your hands. What sensations do you notice?

Consider the space you’ve created through the palms of your hands. Begin to focus on your intention and how you have created this sacred space within your hands as a gesture of your openness to receive.

Hold this mudra, and your intention in your mind, for 10 minutes. Before releasing your hands, repeat your intention, like a mantra, three times.