Reading Labels

by Beth Haley

This week, one assignment for school is to become more aware of the micronutrient content of certain foods. So the challenge is to pick a packaged food that you eat often, and read the nutrition facts label.

Are there any micronutrients that surprise you?

I picked Blackstrap Molasses.

Just as we usually change clothes every day, it is a good idea to swap supplements out every so often so that you’re not taking the same things every single day. This gives your body a variety of nutrients, or the same nutrients in different ways. I do the same thing with herbs, by changing them out with the seasons.

I take Blackstrap a few times a week because of the micronutrient iron, which is at 20%. Potassium is also 20%.

Note: Blackstrap is an acquired taste. I usually mix it into drinks. This can ruin the drink if you really don’t like it, so it might take some experimenting to find a way in which you like to eat it. When I’m in a hurry, I just eat it by the spoon-full. This can be a cringe-worthy endeavor!

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