by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

I’m thankful that this is all we saw of Dorian here. For those who saw so much more of her: we pray the aid and help needed be close at hand.


I hear the echoes of our voices along the swampy path as I retrace old footprints. The happy dogs are roaming again. The heron stands still for long, long moments; patience turns slowly on its own axis of time. Nothing seems to move fast here. Dragonflies, the size of birds, drift, rather than dart.

Treasures gathered, I step back through the moss-covered portal once again and return to this present time. Yet, I carry these echoes within me always.


Light a candle and sit quietly before it. Focusing on the blue part of the flame, meditate on something that you’ve lost but still carry within your soul. Perhaps it is a person who has passed on, a dream that didn’t bloom, or a hope that was crushed.

Feel your heart beating with a hundred feelings; with all the feelings that surround this memory.

Choose one detail that you would like to save. It might be represented by a song or picture, a mannerism, or a favorite book or food. Hold this detail in your heart and looking at the bluish flame, meditate on this gift you carry within you toward a new day dawning.


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