Challenge 2

by Beth Haley

Looking at the big-picture of health is to look at our health holistically. It’s what we eat but so much more. Elements such as sleep and relationships are just as important.

If you were to scan the whole picture of your health, what is one challenge you’d like to work on?

1. Write your challenge in the middle of a piece of paper.

2. Write down all the possible contributing factors around your challenge. For example, if your challenge is “sleep,” contributing factors may include not going to bed early enough, not taking enough time before bed to get into a relaxed state, atmosphere, stress, worry, or chronic pain – all things that could contribute to not getting enough quality sleep.

3. Choose a contributing factor and write down an action step you can take this weekend, and over the next week, that supports sleep, or your challenge area.

4. At the end of a week, notice any changes. How do you feel? Did anything change?

Atmosphere and Sleep

Preparing your sleep space is as important as preparing your mind and body for rest. Allowing the shift from the busy day to tranquil rest time, mentally and physically, is a process that continues as you step into your sleeping space.

Are the colors restful?

Do you need it completely quiet or do you need the sound of a stream flowing softly?

Is it dark enough?

What fragrances are restful to you?

Is there anything that causes a disturbance in this space?

Is the lighting right? Do candles help?

What makes your sleep space a restful retreat?

One disturbance to sleep I have remedied is with certain pets wandering in and out and making noise. They now have their own sleep room.


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