Post-It Notes 14

Hering believed that: healing begins at the deepest part of us – such as our minds and emotions and major organs – and then works outwardly to our extremities – that symptoms appear and clear up in reverse order to their original order of appearance, and that we heal from the upper parts of the body downward.

“The cure must proceed from centre to circumference. From centre to circumference is from above downward, from within outwards, from more important to less important organs, from the head to the hands and feet…Every homœopathic practitioner who understands the art of healing, knows that the symptoms which go off in these directions remain away permanently. Moreover, he knows that symptoms which disappear in the reverse order of their coming are removed permanently.” – Hering’s Law of Cure

Canadian Academy of Homeopathy

“Hering read through the works of Dr. Hahnemann; he felt challenged by Hahnemann’s words and set out to disprove his writings, but as he conducted his own experiments, he became convinced that Hahnemann’s conclusions were accurate.

Hering’s Law of Cure

The first Law of Cure (similia similibus curantur) is considered to be ‘Like Cures Like.’

The second Law of Cure is Hering’s Law, which focuses on the direction that symptoms disappear during cure.

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