Love Moon

by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

The New Moon In Libra works with Venus the planet of love. It is a good time for new beginnings and fresh starts, and for setting goals and intentions.

Love is an energy. It is friendship. It is family. It is romantic love. It has many faces and comes in many ways, shapes and forms.

A part of bringing more love into our lives and opening up to receive it, is to begin releasing attachments: attachments to “who”, “when” and “how.” Let go of what you think love has to look like and open your heart to simply receive love in all her many forms.

Inhale the vibration of love

Exhale, and let go of “who”

Inhale the vibration of deep connection

Exhale, and let go of “when”

Inhale the vibration of passion

Exhale, and let go of “how”

Instead of thinking that love has to be a specific person, at a specific time and in a specific way, make a list of what love “feels” like to you. Whether it is friendship, family or romantic love; whether it is an existing love or new, love feels like:

It feels like security

It feels like a warm fire on a cold night

It feels like a cool pool of water in the heat of the day

It feels delicious

It feels caring

It feels devoted

It feels like sharing

It feels like laughter

It feels like sparkle and sunshine

It feels like being heard

It feels like abundance

It feels healthy

It feels balanced

It feels mutual

It feels like Anam Cara

It feels tender

It feels everlasting

It feels like hugs

It feels like kindness

It feels like understanding

It feels like a shoulder to lean on

It feels like a solid foundation

It feels like standing on holy ground

It feels like connection

It feels like peacefully sharing space

It feels like communion

It feels like angels all around

It feels like kindred spirits

It feels like magic

It feels like adoring presence

It feels like companionship

It feels equal

It feels spiritual

It feels like being enough

It feels like comfort

It feels like coming home.

Love is here now, in each of us. And, for each of us.

Another part of receiving is giving thanks.

So after making a list, spend some time in gratitude for your blessings now, and for new ones on their way!!

Photo by Grant Mclver


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