Fisher King

by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

Working in meditation today, I was reminded that sometimes healing is uncomfortable. When we are in the midst of the process of healing, we may feel disempowered. Rather than feeling powerful, we only feel and see the wounds. However, this is the process – and to step into healing, we must first spend time tending the wounds.

I don’t normally refer to religious texts. However, two passages (3 actually) came up during this session.

1. Of the Fisher King it is said, “He is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” -Isaiah 53:3

The Fisher King is also associated with The Wounded King, The Hanged Man and The King of Cups.

That the Fisher King (from The Grail Legend) has taken to fishing while he is waiting for help and healing seems symbolic. Fishing is an activity that requires not only patience, but is dependent upon the right fish, at the right time, taking the bait… or in other words, the right element, person, or tool for the healing he seeks.

I suppose that the Fisher King is associated with the “Fisher of Men” because both of these stories were about seeking what was lost. One King was seeking healing for his body, soul, and kingdom. The other King, “The Fisher of Men,” was seeking those that were lost, to save, and bring into his kingdom.

Facing a mountain?

A Dark Night of the Soul?

Before healing – is the process.

Before power, is weakness.

Without denial, we see our wounds. Without hurry, we seek healing.

Healing can come in unexpected ways.

I love working with Bibliomancy. I take a book (any book I feel drawn to), pose a question, and then read the first thing I see.

Today’s meditation session felt like a “Lord of the Rings” moment where the dialog goes, “…but something happened then the Ring did not intend.”

Now, I am not a religious person (spiritual, yes), so what happened next, I did not expect. The first thing I saw as I opened the book after working with the messages of The Fisher King, was:

2. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

-The Beatitudes

To Meditation

3. Seek and you will find.

What are you seeking today?

Kingfisher Photo by Boris Smokrovic

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