by Beth Haley

A few years ago, I was perusing the shelves of a book shop and found this small wonder called, “The Art of Kissing” by William Cane. I say small because it is only about 7 inches high and 5 inches wide. What wasn’t small about this book was the description of the Trobriand Island Kiss, which I looked up to make sure I had read it right. So, here goes!

The Trobriand Island Kiss

Rub your hands through their hair.

Rub noses.

Rub cheek against cheek.

Rub your mouths together without kissing.

Suck each other’s tongues.

Rub tongue against tongue.

Suck their lower lip vigorously.

Bite their lower lip. (In one version it says, until you’ve drawn blood)

Bite their chin and cheek.

Nip their nose with your teeth.

Thrust your hands into their hair and tug hard.

And finally, bite off their eyelashes.

I wonder how many people would sacrifice their eyelashes for a kiss like this? I found myself watching other videos on the people of Papua New Guinea to see if they had any eyelashes left, but apparently eyelashes grow back. 🤣

And, did you know that there are eyelash regrowth serums? This would come in handy if you should ever participate in The Trobriand Island Kiss!


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