Hobbit Tunnel

by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

I went for a walk and had a long talk.

The fish of the vale said they’d seen a whale.

“A whale-of-a-tale you mean?” I asked.

“A whale without a tail!” they all chorused together.

I looked around but no whale was found.

The pond, though deep, was small – and I thought their story was pretty tall.

They continued, “The whale was looking for the polar bear, who stole his tail, while following a snail.”

And, this is how you find a whale’s tale – by the hobbit tunnel – near the small pond – inhabited by talking fish – while you’re trying to make a wish.

Bah! Polar bear…crazy fish.

Another week has begun. I am behind on homework. Time to get busy! My wish…I’d rather go fishing and wishing.

Happy week to all. 🐠 🐟 🎣



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