Inspired Flow

by Thela 🦊 Foxgood

“In The Flow”

When you are inspired, the work of creating just seems to flow. It is found by you in connecting with “why”. It is remembering the vision and passion behind your goals or projects. Why did you begin this journey or project to begin with?

When you know the “why” behind the vision, the steps to “how” just seem to fall into place, and you’re working in a flow that leaves struggle, force, dread, and “this is just too hard,” behind. It is a joyful flow of doing what you love to do, or have the passion and desire to do.

Reconnect with the passion and inspiration behind what you are doing. Enjoy your process of creation and the steps toward your destination can come together effortlessly, almost without you realizing it. Be in, and flow with, the joy of creating.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why was a goal set to begin with? Why did you decide to pursue a dream?

I’ve found myself in the middle of some projects recently thinking, “What is it that I’m doing again?” It’s easy to see the work involved and forget the inspiration and passion that started it all.

If you have gotten bogged down with the daily grind… remember why you began your journey!


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