Mantle the Mare

by Lightbringer

Guest writer Lightbringer (age 22) talks about nightmares in a unique way. You can see his full post on Instrgtam. He not only writes about complicated and emotional subjects, but in addition, his photos are stunning as well!!

Some may encounter a nightmare in the darkness of night, while others find waking up each day to be some sort of living nightmare. I liked the thought of mantling the mare and riding into the night, sure-footed in the knowledge that as you ride through the dark, the sunrise will come.

A beautiful sunrise comes – not despite the dark…

The most beautiful sunrises are because of the night that came before.

Mantle the Mare

God made the night,

God made the mare.

So when the terror comes

To shake you from sleep,

Know that God won’t leave you

Alone to weep.

Look up into the night and smile.

Mantle the mare and ride forth.

The sunrise comes.

Photography and writing © Lightbringer 2019 all rights reserved.

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