Soul Food

by Beth Haley

Gathering around the table for a wonderful meal with good friends, great conversations, and a fun game – was a Hygge moment for me recently. I don’t always take the time, but when I do, I realize how much I’ve missed it!

I wonder how it is that the things that nourish my soul the most, many times end up last. When this gets done, or when that is finished – then I’ll take, make, create, or set aside those few, truly needed moments.

It took 5 months of “thinking” about taking the time before I made it to that table. As with so many other things that we schedule into our “to-do” list, it’s time to get out the daily planner or calendar and also schedule in our own nourishment.

What could you add into your schedule that will nourish your heart and soul? Make the appointment with yourself, set the time, and show up!


Go to the beach 🏖 ✅

Spend time with friends 😊 ✅

Don’t forget to nourish your soul!


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