Clearing Space

by Beth Haley

A part of clearing and cleansing our spaces, involves more than just our homes, bodies and minds. In current times, this also involves technology spaces such as digital photos, documents and files, along with emails.

I’ve been slowly working my way through sections of my home and cleaning, sorting and setting aside things to resource to other homes. Along the way, I remembered my 30,000 emails and got to work there as well. For the first time in a decade my inboxes have a zero balance. Now, if I could go the opposite direction with the bank, we’d really be in business!

Next, I’m working on pictures and video files which is ongoing as we read.

Time to kill?

I don’t know many people who actually reply to spam mail, but for those who have an abundance of time and are entertained by the thought of replying to some of these absolutely preposterous messages instead of just deleting them, here are some examples.

Spam Message: I received your email from Diego Garcia who coordinates a low-cost, high end, car parts facility in Peru.

Reply: I seriously doubt that!

Spam message: Great deals! We need your phone number to get you your deal now today!

Reply: Provides Sheriff’s Office number in rural Alaska.

You’re welcome.

Spam message: You’re going to be rich! This load of refined gold is worth millions! Let’s invest it and split the refundments!

Reply: That’s fantastic! What are we going to invest in? Should I quit my job? I’m ready! When can I expect my… “refundments”?

This could be a fun group activity. Read and reply. Really get creative!!

Photos by Samuel Sun and Yura Fresh


  1. Jim Borden

    love the idea of sharing the sheriff’s phone number! and nice job with the clean-up. I took the easy way out; my laptop was reaching its storage limit so I bought a backup drive and just copied everything over to that and then deleted the files I copied..

    Liked by 1 person

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