I Love You

I never thought of the phrase, “Love You” as a danger phrase. I only knew that it didn’t feel the same as the whole phrase, “I Love You!”

Why does it feel different? The words that we speak to others have a direct biochemical affect on them. When we say “love you”, there’s very little biochemical affect. However, using the whole phrase, even a quick, “I love you!” has a significant biochemical affect upon the person to whom you say it.

We all have the opportunity to use the full phrase and give this gift to our loved ones as often as possible!

Resource: Online Communication Skills Training

Cover photo by Ali Yahya

Article photo by Elly Johnson


  1. KT Workman

    “Love you” just doesn’t have the kick that “I love you” does. I don’t even equate someone saying love you, usually in parting, with love. It’s just a way to say goodbye.

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  2. mynewperspective

    It makes a huge difference for me as a non-native speaker. The magical word “I” is essential in all the other languages I speak. Without an “I”, the meaning of “I love you” is diminished. It feels kind of disconnected from me and I can’t feel the strong connection to the other person when I would say “love you”. I guess, since I can’t connect sincerely, the person in front of me feels this as well.

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