Today’s Shot 62

From the Forest Floor… and Up

The rainy night has been replaced with blue skies and bitter wind. It’s time to bundle up! 🧥

Wellness Tip for Medical Workers

Throughout the day, I am in and out of hospitals, loading and unloading patients for transport. I don’t have time to wash my hands every five minutes. I also don’t want sanitizer on my skin all day long.

One thing that is emphasized with any virus alert or with flue season is to keep your hands clean, and to keep your hands away from your face.



One solution to putting sanitizer on my skin all day is keeping medical gloves on. I sanitize the hades out of my gloves all day – instead of my skin – and have clean gloves until I have a moment to wash my hands. You can also layer gloves and strip off the outer layer as needed.

Stay well!


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