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Travel Safety and Germs

On 29 August 2018, “Deposition of respiratory pathogens on frequently touched surfaces at airports” was published by BMC Infectious Diseases. Of the surfaces tested in this research, the plastic security screening trays showed the highest risk.

What about the self-help ticketing kiosks?

Don’t worry if you look like a fanatic!

You can use anti-bacterial wipes on armrests, kiosks, tray tables, headrests, door handles, toilet lids and handles, and more.

But let’s face it, we can’t wipe down the whole airport. Got gloves? There are escalator handrails, shop payment buttons, stair rails, counters…

Wash your hands often, sterilize what you can, glove-up if you’re able to, and try not to touch areas like your nose, eyes and mouth. How many times a day do we touch our face?

Can you imagine how much safer public places would be if everyone sanitized what they could?

Stay well!


  1. Wayne Wolfson

    Good post. As a frequent traveler (I’m actually on the road now) I have found that best course action to lower chances of getting sick is to realize you can’t wipe down everything but rather adopt strategy of washing/handiwiping/purell hands espcially when en route (handrails,metro poles at al so often sticky). Try practicing not touching your face before traveling, we all touch our faces way more than we realize.

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      Great points! I forgot those metro poles. They always feel so dirty – anything that is touched by many hands. It’s amazing how many times a day we touch our face, isn’t it? 30+ times a day? I lose count. Safe travels to you! 😊😎😊


    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      It is when you know all that is out there. We encounter germs 🦠 every day. I have to sanitize my hands all day but I don’t like sanitizer on my skin constantly – so, I wear medical gloves and sanitize those constantly. Like you said, every bit helps!

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    1. Pilgrimage Studio

      Oh I know… I think kids are the hardest because they touch everything and put their hands in their mouths. Our school taught kids to cough on their sleeve so there wouldn’t be as many germs on their hands to spread. I used to make a light bleach water and I’d follow my kids around – wiping down door knobs, light switches, and faucet handles (if they were sick). And I’d iron pillow cases and hand towels to kill germs. Something that I’ve taken to sanitizing are pens and my steering wheel and gear shift. But, that’s because I’m handling wheelchairs and driving patients around 😊

      I also wipe down my phone with wipes as well.

      Lol. A girl does what she can! 😊🤪😊


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